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Projects are things that one or more members of OSCELOT are working on. Each project gets its own space on the OSCELOT projects site. Some are mature products installed at educational institutions around the world, others are still at the beginning - sketching out an idea. Currently most projects are pieces of add-on software that can be uploaded into online learning environments such as Blackboard, Moodle or WebCT to provide additional functionality. There are also a few stand alone applications. There's no reason why documents such as testing strategies, e-Learning policies and upgrade checklists couldn't form projects too!

Developers can use the gForge site at http://projects.oscelot.org/ to start, join or share their work through a project. This contains wikis, support forums and requests for help on individual projects. To join an existing project simply click the Request to Join button that appears on the project's gForge pages. Everyone can use the site to search the list of current OSCELOT projects.

The samples below provide a taste of the sort of projects that have been contributed and shared with you by members of OSCELOT:


IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) provides a standard way to integrating rich learning applications with platforms like learning management systems and portals. This project - which was recently praised by Charles Severance - contains LTI implementations for Blackboard and WebCT.

The OSCELOT Podcaster

This podcasting tool came about through a joint venture between several HE institutions and a private company (Learning Objects Inc). The institutions all wanted a way of creating and sharing podcasts but felt that they did not have the time or money to create one alone. The specification process was brokered by OSCELOT and one of the conditions was that this open source version of the podcaster was released to the community.


This tool lets you embed Google Documents (including spreadsheets, and presentations), Google Calendars and Google Sites in a Blackboard course. Staff and students on the course can get to linked Google content without logging in a second time.


Hard to spell but easy to use, Lexinomicon is a desktop application for viewing, creating, and interacting with study materials. Individual lessons ("exercises") can be grouped together into sections, and sections and exercises may be grouped into Workbooks. Originally written for use on a Mac, this Java application has now been compiled for use on a PC running Windows too.

Web Services

Our most popular download to date, this tool defines a series of web services that can be added to any Blackboard server. These web services allow systems outside Blackboard to access announcements, user information, etc. using an authenticated soap based interface.

SignUp Tool

A simple tool which provides an online version of the paper sign-up sheet that used to adorn professor's doors. It adds extra features such as the ability to create online groups and print attendance sheets from the list.
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