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This page lists organisations and individuals who generously support the work of OSCELOT - either by donation or sponsorship.


The OSCELOT Board would like to acknowledge the sustained support of Learning Objects and also Blackboard's support of various OSD events.


The table below lists individuals or institutions who have donated to OSCELOT and are willing to have their contribution acknowledged on this site.  We would also like to thank those who prefer to keep their donation private.

Support in Kind

We'd like to thank
  • Google who provide OSCELOT with a free version of Google Apps
  • The GForge Group which provide us with a free copy of their Advanced Server software which is used to support project activity

Other Developers

We make use of the following resources made available under an open source or free license:
  • Some of the Google group page icons are part of the Coquette set provided under a free license by Dry Icons - available at http://dryicons.com