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Becoming a member of OSCELOT

Still need to add details about the registration procedure and what membership means

3 Ways to Get Involved

Join a Project
The gForge site projects.oscelot.org contains details of current projects. Some are mature products installed at educational institutions around the world, others are still at the sketching out an idea stage. If a project takes your interest join it and offer to help. Projects may need developers, or help with the layout of the tool. You might be able to suggest new functionality, write documentation, offer to test new versions, or just to evangelise and promote it! If you are a novice developer, working on a project with other people is a great way to learn. If you don't see a project that meets your needs, start your own!

Attend an Event
OSCELOT members get together each year at their annual Open Source Day event. Check the Events page for more details. This is a great way to get inspired and make contacts with other people interested in open source and education.

Join the List
Keep in touch with other members of OSCELOT via the list-server, bb-open_src@lists.vcu.edu. Sign up instructions are located at the bb-open_source list server. Share your ideas, post your problems, help others.