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Open Source Days

Open Source Days (OSDs) are a chance for members to meet face to face. They are intended to be days when developers, educators, managers and other people with a desire to participate in the open source and OSCELOT communities get together.

They are an excellent opportunity for participants to

  • connect with others from around the world who are passionate about open source educational technology
  • participate in working sessions to develop requirements for new technologies
  • learn how open source software is impacting education
  • discover more about the OSCELOT community and help shape it's agenda
  • identify and start to outline new candidates for community projects


Some events have been organised using Harrison Owen's Open Space Technology. This is used to allow the participants to shape the direction of the conversation.
Participants are free to suggest topics to discuss, which they briefly "pitch" to the rest of the group.
Afterwards participants sign up to discussions that interest them and time slots are "bartered" to create a programme within minimal clashes.
The remainder of the day is spent expanding these ideas, with participants free to switch groups at any time.
The result is slightly anarchic, in an atmosphere that supports frank, open discussion.
It seems to suit the members of OSCELOT.