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While supporting many ideals, at its core OSCELOT is about four things:

  • Community - OSCELOT is a community of people dedicated to collaborate to solve the problems that challenge the e-Learning community world-wide. Members contribute in many different ways: some are developers, others are user interface experts, graphic artists, project managers, software testers, documentation writers and more.
  • Collaboration - OSCELOT's success is a direct result of the contributions of perspectives, skills, energy and enthusiasm by community members. These span every phase of a project's life-cycle from inception, through requirements-gathering, development, testing, documentation, adoption and support. OSCELOT encourages collaboration through online and face-to-face interactions for sharing information and an online repository for collaborative software development and documentation.
  • Collective Resources and Infrastructure - OSCELOT provides the infrastructure and organization to enable open source project collaboration in the teaching and learning community.  These infrastructure and application of protocols (incubator to community release) provide a repeatable framework to support developers.  These support infrastructure and processes provide assurance to adopters of OSCELOT community projects that these projects are supported by a community thus lowering risks of adoption of open source software.
  • Communication - OSCELOT is an open community with open lines of communication through this website, our projects site and a range of email list-servers.

A Brief History

grew out of the Blackboard Open Source group (BB-OPEN_SRC) which formed in Spring 2002 in an effort to support the sharing of information and resources among people interested in the development and use of Blackboard's Building Blocks software.
The Bb-OpenSource.org web site was hosted by Seneca College and administered by a voluntary advisory group.

It was quickly realised that these individuals had a lot more in common than the use of a single product, and that they were working on solutions to problems common across the e-Learning community. There was a strong desire to expand the group to include anyone interested in techology enhanced learning regardless of the platform used. Thus OSCELOT was born as the Open Source Community for Educational Learning Objects and Tools. It was formally incorporated as a non profit organisation on the 1st of October 2007 .

The first OSCELOT logo - a play on the cat of a very similar name - was drawn by Mark O'Neil:

In 2008 it was decided that the "OSCELOT brand" needed a refresh and once again Mark answered the call, producing the new logo used on this site. The central eye design pays homage to the memory of the cat.