OSCELOT is a community that creates innovative open source solutions for the challenges facing the eLearning community.  We believe in openness in education, the application of OPEN standards, the power of OPEN source, OPEN community, OPEN content, and OPEN education.

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Changes and updates for 2018:

As a volunteer-led organization, OSCELOT has been in existence for more than eight years. In "computer years" that makes our organization approximately 173 years old. In that time, even as standards, LMS environments, and technology has evolved; OSCELOT has stayed pretty constant. We're proud of our community and the work that you do to improve teaching & learning around the world. Now it's time for us to update the resources we're providing and see what we can do to keep moving forward.

We're going to be offering some new services (without charge), and turning off some things we haven't been able to devote enough time to. Here's the plan so far:

  • Repositories:
  • It's time to move on from our old Gforge instance.
  • Our Gforge environment is archived and only available for reference and to enable migration at
  • We will maintain the archival copy of Gforge until approximately July.
  • We've created a non-profit organization for OSCELOT on GitHub.
  • Please migrate your own projects from Gforge to the GitHub organization
  • Correspondence:
  • Through the growth of LTI and the expansion of more LMS over the years, our community has expanded and is no longer concentrated in a single platform. Because of this, we've created a new list via Google Groups for developers to collaborate. Google Groups allows us to provide a general list, along with specific categories for Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, or other categories we may want in the future. During the awkward transition period, I expect that there will be a lot of cross-posting.
  • The current is generously hosted by VCU and I would expect that it's not going anywhere if you want to keep using it.
  • Slack is a great tool, powered by a great organization, so we're pleased to start offering a Slack channel to augment the listserve
  • Of course, the general rule is to be supportive of & helpful to each other
  • Web presence
  • Our current website (this one) at is creaky old mess—we'll be cleaning & updating it soon. If you live and breathe beautiful sites and want to volunteer to help, we'd love to hear from you.
  • We have the obligatory social presences too:

We're excited for the refresh and for you to join us for the next 173 computer years!

Details: Open Source Day NOLA

OSCELOT Open Source Day NOLA'17:

July 23rd, 2017


Rm 384 at The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, 900 Convention Center Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70130. 

OSCELOT's Open Source Day is free to attend, so stop in and stay for the day or stay for a couple hours, and learn about OSCELOT, LTI, and Tsugi. 

We anticipate having some time in the afternoon to talk about and work on projects with input from Mark, Scott, Chuck, and others.\

Hope to see you there!

Clear your Schedule, Open Source Day is Back!

This year marks the return of OSCELOT’s Open Source Day and it is returning with not one, but two events! And as all good open source should be, both events are free to attend!

OSCELOT is proud to announce that this year Instructure and Blackboard are sponsoring OSCELOT events coinciding with their Developer and User conferences!  Now you will have two events from which to choose:

07/23 OSCELOT Open Source Day preceding Blackboard’s DevCon in New Orleans, LA
Meet with your peers and learn about OSCELOT, what’s new, IMS LTI, and apply what you learn in a collaborative “Build Something!” session!
The agenda for Open Source Day:
- OSCELOT Community Update
What does OSCELOT provide?
What is new with OSCELOT?
- OSCELOT and Github!
OSCELOT has a new GitHub organization account! Learn how you can participate
- Open and Platform Agnostic Tools via LTI
Learn about the IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability specification and how it enables platform agnostic solution
- LTI Tool Demos
Taking a look at LTI solutions
- Building an LTI Application
Discuss the development cycle of an LTI application, talk about tips, programing languages and frameworks that simplify LTI application development
- Build Something! 
Break into groups to collaboratively prototype LTI based solutions with your peers!

07/26 OSCELOT Sessions and Hack night during Instructure’s  Instcon17  in Keystone, CO
Learn about OSCELOT and collaborate on solutions with your peers during the InstCon17 Hack night!

If you cannot attend the OSCELOT events, but will be onsite for the conferences please stop by Instructure’s InstCon17 Partner Tent or Blackboard’s DevCon’17 Knowledge Bar to learn more from members of the OSCELOT Board! Melissa Loble and Paul Erickson will be at InstCon17, Mark O’Neil will be at DevCon’17.

Meeting locations and details for both OSCELOT events will be posted on in the coming weeks.

As a volunteer-led organization, OSCELOT has been in existence for more than 10 years. In "computer years" that makes our organization approximately 182 years old. In that time, even as standards, LMS environments, and technology has evolved; OSCELOT has stayed pretty constant. For those ten years OSCELOT has provided services for developing, discovering, and delivering software solutions for education. OSCELOT is growing and changing and we hope to continue to serve the open source education software community for years to come. We are proud of our community and the work that you do to improve teaching & learning around the world. 

Thank you from the OSCELOT Board!

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